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Industry welcomes chemical security consultation process

The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association and the Australian chemistry industry has welcomed the release by Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon of a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement on Chemical Security.

PACIA has long been a leading voice in the development of the effective systems and programs for security chemicals. The chemistry industry has been very pleased to work proactively with governments and security agencies over many years and to develop a voluntary Site and Supply Chain Security Guidance and programs for chemical security.

PACIA’s Chief Executive Margaret Donnan said “ensuring the security of our local communities and keeping Australia safe from terrorism is a top priority for all Australians”.

“Security is a fundamental part of good business, and we must all do our part”.

“PACIA is committed to working with our member companies to examine the options proposed in the consultation document and consider the impacts on their businesses, and provide feedback to government”.

“The chemistry industry will continue to engage closely with government, security agencies and the community to ensure public safety and to support legitimate businesses to continue to operate effectively”, Ms. Donnan said.

Media contact: Rachel Black, Manager, Marketing & Communications on (03) 9611 5400.

For information on the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement visit:

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